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Linglong Gao gave a talk on the seminar of CiPES.


        On June 18, 2021, the master student of CiPES, Mr Linglong Gao made a presentation and the topic is "A Switched-Mode Piezoelectric Interface Circuit for Dynamics Sensing, Energy Harvesting, and Vibration Modeling Multi-Functional Purpose"

       Piezoelectric materials are versatile. They were made into various successful engineering products, such as sensors, actuators, and generators. However, almost all of the previous designs were found only capable of one specific function among those three.

       This talk analyzes the obstacle against developing multi-functional piezoelectric devices, clears that barrier, and further proposes a switched-mode interface circuit towards an unprecedented multi-functional piezoelectric design. It was developed based on a buck-boost switched-mode circuit. By properly controlling the switch actions, this interface circuit can realize all functions of dynamics sensing, energy harvesting (generator), and vibration excitation (actuation) in a time-sharing manner.

       The work was published in SPIE Smart Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation in 2021.