Mechatronics and Energy TransformAtion Laboratory
Mechatronics and Energy TransformAtion   

Established in 2014, the Mechatronics and Energy Transformation Laboratory (METAL) at ShanghaiTech University devotes herself to the academic research and engineering innovation on mechatronics and energy related topics, such that to enhance the productivity in industry, to improve the human-machine interface, and to enable a high energy efficient, environment-friendly, and convenient living for human beings.

        The recent research emphases in the METAL includes: efficient simulation and optimization of power conversion circuit and system, kinetic energy harvesting systems and their applications in smart hardware, vibration control, renewable energy systems, etc.


There are multiple openings of 1) graduate students (PhD or master), 2) postdoctoral fellow, 3) research engineering, 4) visiting student/internship in METAL. Candidates with electronic/electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics, biomedical engineering related background and strong interests in mechatronics and energy conversion are welcome for the application. Competitive salary/subsidy will be provided.

        METAL实验室常年招收以下职位人员:1. 研究生(博士或硕士), 2. 博士后,3. 科研工程师(拥有硕士或本科学位,动手能力强),4. 实习/访问学生。申请人需具有电力电子,微电子,或机械力学等相关学习工作背景。学校、学院和实验室将提供有竞争力的学生津贴/工作薪酬。