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ViPSN motion-powered IoT development platform

ViPSN (acronym of vibration-powered sensing node) is a programmable Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the development of vibration- or motion-powered sensing and transmitting systems. It serves as a reconfigurable developing platform for vibration-powered IoT applications. The whole set of ViPSN assembles six basic modules: a vibration emulator as the energy generation unit (EGU); a piezoelectric transducer as the energy transduction unit (ETU); a power-boosting interface circuit as the energy enhancement unit (EEU); a dc-dc regulator with energy-level indicating signals as the energy management unit (EMU); a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module as the energy user unit (EUU); and a mobile app as the edge demonstration unit (EDU). All units or modules are connected with easy mechanical joggle joints and electrical plunger pin contacts.

Related papers

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Open-source (incl. hardware & firmware) repository

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